Vikki Zhang "Red Box" working progress

I am working on a image which will be my second solo poster and my first art book cover, they are both named Red Box. Yes, the image idea is a boxed content too. I am very satisfied with today’s progress, hopefully I can finish the rest tomorrow. No matter how much similar job I did before, each time I still felt anxious and tight when I begin a new piece of work, especially this separate-layerd watercolor kind. Ok, time to do yoga and some bedtime reading. I realized how important to get up early in morning for me. It sucks when I wake up at 9:00, which makes me feel 3 hours were stolen. I just found a lovely Japanese fairytale writer but sadly I have to postpone the reading plan:-( why? cuz I wish to read paper book format. Thus I have to wait, wait, wait until I get my O1 approved, then go back china, order them online ( yea, absolutely I can’t get them here. One of my reading rule is getting Chinese translation of Japanese Literature other than English version) , and finally I can enjoy my reading.

Here some images from today: